Every life experience has the potential to change your trajectory. I did not understand this until my back injury in 2008.  I was told my injury would require surgery.  I came to a crossroad and had a choice:  I could pursue the doctor's recommendation and get surgery or I could go against the grain and search for another answer, one that may require a little more effort, a little more time, and maybe even a little more pain, but ultimately more freedom in life!  I choose the latter.  I choose to try rehab.  At the time I was pursuing orthopedic surgery as a profession,  but if we fast forward to today I am a physical therapist and a strength coach.  It was a life defining journey, one that showed me there are no shortcuts, there is power in intelligent programming, and rehab and performance fall along the same continuum and should be treated as such.  The choice to not only embrace the struggle, but to prevail defined what I wanted to do in life, help others prevail too.