• Keaton Worland

Build A 3 x 52 Mindset

Often I am asked about how to get started with a training program:

What exercises should I perform?

How many sets and reps should I do?

Is there any exercises I shouldn't do?

These are all valid questions, but I argue these should be the last questions asked not the first. We need to start with asking, what will my mindset be?

If we set the tone and create a mindset that we will consistently show up and put in the work, we will get better and build momentum towards the life we want.

This reminds of the butterfly effect.

Imagine a butterfly resting on a rock.  The butterfly is at peace in its own environment harming no one, concerned with nothing.  But the butterfly makes a decision to take flight.  As it leaves the rock, flapping its wings, the wind generated starts a cascade of events, leading to a typhoon halfway across the globe. You see, the initial winds from the butterfly wings summated with other local winds and they collectively gained momentum. And as these winds joined forces with others, even greater momentum was produced until a force so great was created it could support a typhoon. 

But how could this be, it was just a butterfly?

The typhoon would never have been possible if there was not an additive effect of the winds.  I liken this to our training experience.  If we are performing isolated workouts, 1 here or 2 there, our results will be minuscule.  Inconsistent behavior yields inconsistent results.  Think about it, how would you best learn a foreign language:  one day a week? Or full cultural submersion?

We don't want to approach our training by wondering aimlessly in the gym for weeks, months, and even years.  Set a plan.  Have a mindset.  Make a butterfly decision to take flight.  Why not, 3 times a week for 52 weeks?  I guarantee if you do anything with a 3x52 mindset you will make great progress, especially in your training.

This is because being consistent is the one of the most important behaviors you can practice in life.  All we have to do is decide what direction to start moving. In other words, we need to decide to show up.

Recognize this small event is the catalyst for what's to come. Just like the additive effect of the winds, it is not a singular wind that creates the typhoon, but many. The more times we show up, the more likely we will produce the result able to overcome life's resistance. 

Realize our bodies don't want to change.  Literally, your bodies seek to simplify into the most efficient postures and routines to conserve energy. Have you every wondered why you do the same thing every morning without thought? It's not because you are half asleep still, but a strategy by your brain to conserve energy. Yes, even our decision-making costs energy. So simply put, our bodies like the way they are and nature tells us to stay that way.

We can learn more about this if we consider the physical law of inertia, a body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an external force.

Do you get it?

We have to act. So don't fret over the reps, sets, or types of exercises. If your goal is to build a better, more active lifestyle then just SHOW UP and adopt the 3×52 mindset.

Stay well and stay training


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