• Keaton Worland

Goals vs. Desires

Are we pursuing goals or desires? It may be THE limiting factor.

Too often people confuse their goals with their desires. They are not the same and one will often limit the other.

Goals: Are things we need to achieve.

Desires: Are things we want to achieve.

Goals: Give consideration to second-order consequences

Desires: Give consideration to first-order consequences

Goals require clear articulation as well as a process (system) to effectively achieve said goal.

First, Decide On The Goal:

Knowing that a goal is something we NEED to achieve, makes it easy to prioritize. But how much are we willing to give up or endure to achieve our goal? One of the greatest roadblocks for achievement is the distraction of other “goals”. We have to determine which goal to pursue now and which to let go because in order to obtain a goal we will have to most certainly reject some other things we want.

Knowing our intentions will help us embrace the deeper why behind a goal and keeps us intrinsically motivated. Being motivated from within helps us demonstrate more active engagement in the process (system) and cultivate a feeling of competence.

Second, Build A Process

Knowing our goal is only going to put us on the tracks. Despite our good intentions they are nothing without action. We have to have execution strategies in place to help shape, synthesize, and evaluate our actions.

The execution of every process is going to be unique to the goal at hand and needs to consider the following:

  1. How will I get from A to B?

  2. How will my weaknesses impact my outcome?

  3. How can I embrace and overcome these obstacles?

Our answers will help get us moving, however, we have to be willing to adapt along the way if we fail.

Third, Stay Objective

Implement higher level thinking. Higher level thinking is the ability of the human brain to look down on itself and process actions taking place. This allows us to be objective and determine if our process is working or not. If it is not we know to change courses. This can be incredibly powerful and repeated as many times as needed.

Here is my goal funnel.

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