Are you coming off on an injury and unsure how to reintegrate back to the gym?  Are you trying to get ready for an athletic competition, but lack direction?  Or do you simply want to feel better when you move throughout the day?

Regardless of your goals, my goal is to help provide you a way.  That is why I am offering my performance coaching as an online service.

We will start with a conversation to allow us the chance to talk about why you want to train.  What are you goals?  What have you tried in the past, did it work or not?  

Then we can move into the online movement assessment to allow me to assess your current movement strategies and then customize a training plan within your abilities.  

Your custom plan will include a downloadable exercise program with exercise video links to ensure you understand the exercises selected.  But it can't stop there because you may have questions or need modifications to your program.  So, in addition to your program, I will follow up with you on a weekly basis to optimize your training experience!  

All you have to do is provide EFFORT, CONSISTENCY, and ADHERENCE!

Stay Well 




"Keaton is a rare find!  He helped resolve my labrum and biceps issues in my shoulder (I don’t understand how he was able to get my shoulder back to 100% but he did!) as well as got my body back into alignment after all my foot and back issues by customizing strength and conditioning workouts (I really look forward to those!)  He is approachable, flexible and knowledgeable.  He makes communicating easy, and quite frankly, he is a doctor and coach that listens - well, that’s a big deal to me."

Training with Keaton has been life changing. I went from a place in my life where I was always in pain and thought I’d lost the parts of my life that brought me joy to being able to reclaim my life and not only stay pain free but become stronger and enjoy the active lifestyle that I love.
-Paige E.

Vicki M

Paige E

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The human organism is complex but it seeks to simplify and repeat.  Your training should do the same.